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Golden Oil / 50 ml

Golden Oil / 50 ml

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Golden Oil made by Larens, nourishing & protective composition of 100% natural and unrefined oils as:

* carrot root oil
* sweet almond oil
* rice oil
* raspberry seeds oil
* wheat germ
* olives oil
* vitamin E 

Extremely rich in antioxidant beta carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins, i.a. E, A. It protects against UVA and UVB rays in a natural way, smoothes, softens and tones the epidermis. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, soothing and regulating the condition of problematic skin.

Golden Oil gives all skin a delicate colour of a fresh tan. It does not clog pores, it does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Can be used on its own or as an addition to daily care and sunscreen. No scents added.

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