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BioEvolution QLINE PRO

Qline PMU Pigment Yellow / 5ml

Qline PMU Pigment Yellow / 5ml

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QLINE Permanent MakeUp Pigment Yellow / 5ml

The new line of BioEvolution QLINE PRO colours ensures high durability of makeup, ease of implementation, durability of the pigment in the skin and safety. BioEvolution colours are safe for health and non-allergenic. They are produced in compliance with the European Union REACH commission regulation on the content of heavy metals and other contaminants.

  • Suitable consistency, facilitating the introduction of pigments into the skin.

  • Long-lasting and colour-fast components of pharmaceutical quality compliant with the EU Cosmetics Directive.

  • YELLOW pigment / 5ml a MUST HAVE modifying pigment for every linergist, allows to warm up too cold colours of eyebrows that turn into shades of violet, blue or graphite. Can be used alone or added to another brown color from the Qline Pro palette.

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