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BIOEVOLUTION Permanent Make-Up System / Labo

BIOEVOLUTION Permanent Make-Up System / Labo

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Meet Labo - the super powerful Permanent Make-Up System. 

Our mission is to promote concepts, devices and technologies that are safe for health. Our products include only permanent makeup and microneedle mesotherapy devices and systems, that meet the highest safety and hygiene criteria. We also continue working on solutions that increase precision and minimise discomfort and pain
when implanting pigments into the skin.

Labo needle operational frequency: regulation on a scale of 60, 90, 120.
The ergonomic aluminium hand piece is characterised by its quiet operation without any oscillation or vibration. It does not overheat even during a prolonged treatment.

The secure disposable needle cartridge system along with the protect system (patent pending), minimises the possibility of infection without the need to sterilise individual parts in an autoclave. Smooth needle length adjustment.
Control panel: glass and aluminium.

Device dimensions:

length 146 mm

width 89 mm

height 23 mm


Device 302 g
Hand piece stand 148 g
Hand piece with a cable 106g
Hand piece without a cable 78 g

Device parameters:

Power supply 100 ÷ 240 AC/ 24 DC
Power 10 W
Max. power consumption 1,0 A

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