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Surgical Skin Marker

Surgical Skin Marker

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Surgical Skin Marker can be used in pre-drawing before any surgical procedure. Set includes twin tip marker with fine and regular tip and sterile ruler.

  • Sterilised
  • Non-toxic
  • Scrub resistant
  • Highly visible violet colour
  • Easily removed with alcohol
  • Twin Tip 0.5mm + 1.0mm
  • Sterile surgical ruler in metric and inches

TONDAUS™ Surgical skin marker will improve pre-drawing process before any surgical procedure.

Surgical marker allows to mark the skin prior to the procedure. Unique qualities help in wide range of medical use. Marker is brightly visible, scrub resistant, non-toxic ink is easily removable with alcohol.

Double tip, allows for fine point lines 0.5mm or regular 1.0mm

Each set includes sterile, vinyl ruler for accurate measurement. Ruler is marked metrically and in inches, flexible nature will produce straight line going over all body contours.

Each TONDAUS™ Marker comes in a sterile (gamma radiated) package.

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